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Product Group
Armored Cable, Metal Clad – ACMC Connector
Flex Conduit
Armored PVC Jacketed Cable Connector SPEC-teck Flex Conduit
Chase Nipples  Rigid Conduit
Cord Grips Full Range Cord Grips
Cord Grips AP Spec
Cord Grips
Cord Grips Spectrum Cord Grips
Cord Grips Standard Industrial Grade Cord Grips
Cord Connector to Greenfleld FMC Cord Grips to Flex Conduit
Cord Grips Wire Mesh Cord Grips
Cord Grips Non-Metallic Cord Grips
EMT Couplings and Connectors EMT
EMT Couplings and Connectors Rain Tight *NEW Gold  EMT Rain Tight
EMT to Rigid Combination Couplings ETR  EMT -ETR Combo
Erickson 3 Piece Rigid Coupling Rigid Conduit
Flex SADDLE Conduit AC-MC Flex Conduit
SPECflex System of Products  *NEW Flex Conduit
Flex Conduit Greenfield FMC SPEC-flex Series Flex Conduit
Flex Conduit Greenfield to Flexible Metal Cord or Cable Flex to CG
Flex Conduit Greenfield to EMT Compression Flex Conduit to EMT
Flex Conduit Greenfield to EMT Set Screw Flex Conduit to EMT
Flex Conduit Greenfield FMC SPEC-flex 90 & 45° Angle Connectors Flex Conduit
Flex Conduit Greenfield FMC SPEC-flex to Liquid Tight Fittings Flex Conduit to Liquid Tight
Ground Bushings – Alloy Steel Construction Rigid GB RCB Series
Hubs – Alloy Steel Construction Rigid AH Series
Hubs – ALUMINUM  Figid AH Series
Liquid Tight Product Group Liquid Tight
Liquid Tight Connectors with Wire Mesh Liquid Tight
Liquid Tight Connector with Female Threaded Hub Liquid Tight
Liquid Tight Connector with Female Threaded Hub and Chase Nipple Liquid Tight
Rigid Conduit Couplings and Connectors Rigid Conduit
Rigid Conduit ETR EMT to Rigid  Combination Couplings  Rigid Conduit ETR Combo
Rigid Conduit Ground Bushings Rigid Conduit
Myers Hubs – AMFICO Hubs   Rigid Hubs
Rigid Conduit Reducing Bushings Rigid Conduit
Rigid Conduit Enlargement Fitting Rigid Conduit
Rigid Conduit 3 Piece Erickson Coupling Rigid Conduit
Rigid Conduit Chase Nipples Rigid Conduit
Service Entrance Water Tight Connector Service Entrance
Locknuts  Steel Heavy Duty Industrial * NEW Locknuts
Locknuts Sealing  Locknuts
Locknuts Grounding Locknuts Locknuts
Locknuts Product Group  Locknuts
Washers Reducing Washers
Wire Mesh Strain Relief Products Wire Mesh
Straps Hangers Supports Straps, Hangers, Supports
Insulated Bushings Industrial Grade ;Accessory
Insulated Bushings Plastic Accessory
Knockout Seals Accessory
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