Electrical Fittings
Steel vs Malleable Iron and Die Cast
Consider the Major Differences in Materials

Weak threads are the #1 cause of environmental & mechanical fitting failure. Malleable Iron fittings weigh two to 3 times that of steel fittings & Dimensionally are one and one-half times larger in size.  Due to natural porosity diecast fittings crack & distort under load. Corrosion resistance and performance are equally telling.

When you combine alloy steel, zinc plated with a chromate finish there is no comparison on which fitting will hold up longer to extreme environmental conditions. In extreme cold die-cast will deform and deflect, malleable iron with chip and pit, while alloy steel maintains its natural characteristics.

Physical and Chemical Properties of Steel, Malleable Iron & Die Cast Fittings

Visual Comparison of Electrical Fittings

Shown Myers Style Hubs &  EMT Set Screw Connector & Couplings

Comparison of Steel vs Diecast and Malleable Iron on Myers Hubs

Steel vs die cast and malleable iron images comps