SPEC-flex Connectors for Flexible Metal Conduit

SPEC-flex Installs Without Tools, “Simply Turn It On”
Exceeds UL Pullout Requirements by 300%

TURN ON Your Flexible Metal Conduit (Greenfield) Installations

Save from 2 to 12 Minutes per Connection, Installs with a Few Turns, No Tools Required
Outperforms and Outclasses ALL Squeeze Fittings

FMC Fitting SPECflex Made in the USA

Features & Benefits

Available in sizes 1/2″ to 4″
Available in Alloy Steel or Aluminum Conatruction
Concentric Design Without Clamp Never Interferes with InstallationLABOR SAVINGS – Installs Without the Use of a Tool
Will NOT Pinch or Pierce Conduit Like Traditional Connectors
Full Machined Solid Steel or Aluminum Part Provides a
SAFE BURR-LESS Pull of Wires Through Conduit
Does NOT Restrict and Reduce Conduit ID Like
Inferior, Outdated “Screw In Style” Fittings
EXCEEDS UL Pull Out Requirements by 300%
The IDEAL Connector for Vibration Areas or Long Conduit Pulls
Manufactured From Bar Stock, Provides a Strong, Solid Part
NOTE: Consult with the factory if you are NOT using FMC or Greenfield
conduit made in the USA. This fitting is designed and manufactured to work with UL listed FMC made in the USA, not foreign FMC.

Check out this video

ansition Your FMC to EMT, Rigid and Liquid Tight

SPECflex Adapters Adapt Greenfield to LT, Cord, EMT, Rigid

Single Piece Construction – No Need to Disassemble – Saves Product Costs and Labor Time

Specflex 90 Adapter Assembly

Also Available as a 45 º Adapater Fitting

Buy With Confidence

The manufacturing and assembly of AMFICO SPEC-flex Fittings and Adapters for Rigid,  EMT and Liquid Tight  fittings fully conform to the Buy American, Buy American Provisions, Trade Agreements Act and the American Recovery and Reinvestment (ARRA) and section 1605 of that act, Public Law 111-5. A requirement for all federally funded projects and many state and municipal jobs. Material Certs are furnished upon request.




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