Bus Drop Safety Springs Zinc Plated (SS Series) 40# & 80# Load 

Easy to install and use with bus-drop and strain-relief grips, this high-quality zinc-plated steel spring relieves sudden tension on a cable system.  Built to perform their task over an extended period of time without loosening their hold. 


Safety Springs USA Made Steel American Fittings

SS Series Safety Springs are Used with Bus-Drop Grips to Relieve Sudden Strains on the Cable System

Use with Single Eye-Type Grips, Disassemble Drawbar from Coil, Place Through the Eye and Replace the Drawbar/ Closed mesh top-mounted reinforced eye protector provides stable and longer-life support. Galvanized Steel wire mesh is for indoor use only

Cat Numbers & Dimensions

Cat # Max. Load* Length Diameter Std. Package Wt. per/c
SS40 4O lbs. 8-1/4″ 3/4′ 1o 15
SS80 80 lbs. 8-1/4″ 1.00″ 10 32
  • Maximum Load is the maximum working load.