1/2″ to 2-1/2″  Insulated Knockout Bushings Nylon Construction Snap-In (NKB Series)


When Your Projects Can’t Settle for 2nd Best, AMFICO Insulated Bushings Keep You Safe & Secure
“Finger Tip Snap-In”, No Tool Necessary


AMFICO Nylon Snap-In Bushings provide industrial / construction-grade design to protect wires and cables on enclosures, boxes and panel knockout openings. Unlike snap-in metal bushings our nylon bushings are insulated and there are no sharp edges to snag wire insulation. They are manufactured from  Type 6/6 Nylon Dupont Zytel® 101, with a 105° flammability rating UL94 V2 – Self Extinguishing Non-Dripping

Nylon knockout insulating bushings for 1/2 in thru 2″  knockout openings snap into knockout openings on boxes in dropped ceilings or interior walls. This allows low voltage wires and cables to be run to devices inside boxes or enclosures. Avoid the “off-shore” knockoffs where material ane reliability is uncertain. Saving a penny is not the answer when it comes to a product of safety. 

Certified Made in the USA

The labor-saving snap-in design does not require any special tools for installation.

Lock in place on the knockout openings so wires can be pulled through the openings without loosening the bushings

Burr less and no flash on an ultra-smooth surface protects wires from the sharp edges on boxes or enclosures.

The strength and resilience of Type 6 Nylon will not allow the bushing to crack or warp.

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Knockout Insulated Nylon Snap In Bushing AMFICO

NKB Series Nylon Knockout Bushings Type 6/6 Dupont Zytel® 101 Rated 105° UL 94V2 Rating

Cat Numbers & Dimensions

Snap In Insulated Bushings NYLON AMFICO USA

Snap In Insulated Bushings NYLON AMFICO USA


Material Construction:  Type 6/6 Nylon Dupont Zytel® 101
Self-Extinguishing and Non-Dripping per UL 94 V2 Rating
UL Listed to 105°C
Color as Molded Black


  • High Impact Strength
  • Snaps into Outlet Box, Switch Box or Other Enclosure
  • Easily Snaps In by Hand
  • One-Piece Construction
  • Ultra-Smooth Surface, Will NOT Snag Wire

Zytel is a Registered Trademark of Dupont

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UL Listed to 514B, 94V2
NEMA Standard FB1
Federal Standard A-A-50553

RoHS Compliant
REACH Compliant
CA Prop 65 Compliant
UNSPSC 39131321

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