American Fittings Cord Grips Steel Aluminum Stainless
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Your Cables Should Be Wearing the Best

OEM Equipment, Packaging, and Processing Facilities

Precision Machined Steel, Aluminum, Stainless
Oil Resistant, Liquid Tight Construction


Industrial SPECgrade Cord Grip Connectors 3/8″ to 3″
Steel, Aluminum, Stainless

Offering More Cable Ranges with Variations for Your Cords,
Including our Industry Changing Cord Grip Kits, One Bag Covers Your Range

Applications Where AMFICO Cord Grips Are Proven

  • Food Processing Facilities

  • Dairy and Beverage Processing & Bottling Plants

  • Water Treatment Facilities

  • “FAANG” Data Centers

  • Alternative Energy Wind & Solar

  • Hospitals and Health Care Centers

  • Packaging and Conveyor Systems

  • Industrial Manufacturing and OEM Equipment

  • Aerospace

AMFICO CG Series for Flexible Cords for Pumps, Motors, OEM Equipment, Drop Cords & Tray Cable

Featuring Our EZ Torque Compression Hex Nuts, Grip Tight and Right

AMERICAN FITTINGS SPEC-grade Cord Grip connectors are the ideal choice for environments and applications where product integrity is your prime concern. AMFICO cord connectors ARE suitable and are currently used in many industries; including; petroleum, food processing, chemical, wastewater treatment, HVAC, aerospace, electric power, automobile, paper mills, pumps.  Our cord grips are the ideal choice for all your cable requirements.

AMFICO’s fully machined unique design is ideal for indoor or outdoor locations where continuous or intermittent moisture is present and positive bonding to conduit, box, or enclosure is required. Together, the flexible metallic conduit and fittings protect conductors from damage due to excessive vibrations and contaminants, such as moisture, oils, and dust.

Our cord grips completely eliminate pull tension on terminals, control cable arc-of- bend, prevent cord pull-out, and provide a liquid-tight seal. All connectors can be ordered with or without wire mesh strain relief and
accommodate cable ranges from .150″ through 3.220″.

Certified Made in the USA


American Fittings Cord Connectors Focus on Details

AMERICAN FITTINGS Cord Grip Connectors

Cord Grip Kits from American Fittings

Each Kit Replaces This Many Competitors’ Part Number

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