AMFICO Ground Bushings, for Rigid & IMC Conduit

Alloy Steel  SPEC-grade, Made in the USA, Ground Bushings, and Rigid Conduit Bushings

Your Fittings are Steel, Your Conduit is Steel,
Why Are You Still Using Die Cast Ground Bushings?
“No Splitting Gimmicks”, Simply the FINEST and STRONGEST Ground Bushing Made

AMFICO Alloy Steel Ground Bushings,
Twice the Strength of  Die Cast  & Malleable Iron (aka Pot Metal) Ground Bushings

Precision Machined Ground Bushings with a Steel HEX Body for FULL Torque
Steel Body with Machine Threads Will Not Vibrate Loose

Ground Bushings Steel Made in the USA

Rigid Conduit Bushing Steel Made in the USA

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Your Rigid Conduit is Steel!
Why Use an Inferior Die-Cast or “Overstuffed” Malleable Iron Bushing?Malleable Iron vs Steel vs Die Cast

Twice the Strength and 1/2 the Weight of Malleable Iron (aka Pot Metal) 

Click on image to view full size chartAMFICO Grounding Bushings Selection Chart Steel Ground Bushings, Made in the USA

1/2″- 4″ Threaded & Threadless Ground Bushings With & Without Lugs AMFICO’s GB and RCB Series

Fully MACHINED ALLOY STEEL  Ground Bushings Provide Truer Fit with Stress-Free Threading
The STRONGEST MOST Reliable Ground Bushing Made
Certified Made in the USA
Solid Alloy Steel Fully Plated with Bright “Chip Resistant” Zinc or Galvanized
MIL-Std 810 Vibration Tested and Rated for Seismic Zones
AMFICO EZ-TORQUE  Ground Bushings  Torque Right & Tight with Less Effort

AMFICO SPECgrade Conduit Ground Bushings Feature

Used for Grounding Rigid or IMC Conduit – Available with and Without Ground Lugs
Available Threaded or Threadless with set screws
Ease of Installation – 3 Holes to Accommodate Ground Lug in the Best Orientation
Fully Machined Solid Steel Construction
Full Flat HEX NUT Design Permits Full Torque Values
Strong Steel Set Industrial Grade Screws
Hubs Available with Either Zinc or Galvanized Plating
Smooth Interior Surface Provides Fast Cable Pulls
With & Without Optional Ground Lug Furnished with 3 Pre-Drilled Holes and 2 Steel Set Screws
An option of Either Aluminum (AL) or Copper (CU) Ground Lug
Furnished with UL Component Temperature Rated 150°c Insulated Throat


Buy With Confidence

The manufacturing and assembly of AMFICO Grounding Bushings fully conform to the Buy American, Buy American Provisions, Trade Agreements Act and the American Recovery and Reinvestment (ARRA) and section 1605 of that act, Public Law 111-5. A requirement for all federally funded projects and many state and municipal jobs. Material Certs are furnished upon request.



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