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Don’t Buy Our Products Because They Are Made in America,
Buy Them Because They Are The Best Value for Your Dollar,
Guaranted to Save Time on Every Installation

AMFICO’s Steel Electrical Fittings
WILL Exceed Your Expectations NOT Your Budget!

AMFICO, Twice the Strength and Corrosion Resistance of
Inferior Die Cast (aka Thin Wall) & Malleable Iron (AKA Pot Metal), and
1/3 the Bulk and Weight of  Malleable Fittings

Manufacturing all steel electrical fittings in the US, American Fittings will meet your most demanding application and installation challenges in this ever-changing global marketplace. Manufacturing all our products in the US, American Fittings will meet your most demanding challenges in this ever-changing global marketplace.

With a Complete Range of Manufactured Steel Electrical Fittings,
We Will Outperform All others for Service and Value.

AMFICO draws on over 70 years of manufacturing and engineering innovation to provide customers and industries with the highest value product.

Check Out Our Next Generation of  Steel Electrical Fittings, Made in the USA

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2 1/2″ to 4″ UL Listed Dual Rated Conduit Fittings  **NEW** Go to →
PVC jacketed AC – TECK Fitting      **NEW** Go to →
Rigid Conduit Enlargement  Steel Fitting     **NEW** Go to →
AC MC Saddle Connector     **NEW** Go to →
SPEC flex Connector for FMC Greenfield    **NEW** Go to →
AMFICO WT Hub – Replaces Myers Hub    **NEW** Go to →
EMT Color Coded Fittings, Steel      **NEW** Go to →
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Steel Electrical Fittings Catalog, American Fittings Made in the USA

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AMFICO, Manufacturing Steel Electrical Fittings Since 1946

AMERICAN FITTINGS’ corporate mandate is to always combine Quality, Service, and Value into all our product solutions. This creates an enhanced value benefit through our distributor partners to always fulfill customer needs while exceeding their expectations. AMFICO products are easier to install and will outperform any product in the world.  In fact, many of our products are furnished with a 100% Performance Guarantee.  Consider that many of our products have been tested for performance in seismic environments.  Since our alloy steel electrical fittings are  Made in the USA they meet ALL state and federal requirements for government-funded projects. From OEM equipment builders to job site installations every AMFICO alloy steel electrical fittings will save labor and provide a more secure connection for your conduit and cord.

Steel Electrical Fittings Out Perform and Outclass
Die-Cast(aka thin wall)  & Malleable Iron (aka pot metal)
AMFICO, Twice the Strength  1/2 the Size and Weight!

See the difference over die-cast or malleable iron.

Physical Properties Comparison

Steel Electrical Fittings va Malleable Iron and Die Cast

click on image to enlarge view

Chemical Properties Comparison – Naturally Corrosion Resistant

Steel Electrical Fittings va Malleable Iron and Die Cast

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Buy With Confidence

The manufacturing and assembly of AMFICO  Steel Fittings, including EMTSteel Fittings, Rigid Steel Fittings, Cord Grips, and Liquid Tight Steel Fittings fully conform to the Buy American, Buy American Provisions, Trade Agreements Act and the American Recovery and Reinvestment (ARRA) and section 1605 of that act, Public Law 111-5. A requirement for all federally funded projects and many state and municipal jobs. Material Certs are furnished upon request.




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