US Natural Disaster Map and Environmental Risk for Electrical Fittings

Zinc Die Cast vs. Alloy Steel Fittings

It is vital that at RISK areas recognize the imbalances in electrical fittings. View this VIDEO on die cast and steel fittings and be aware of the HAZARDS before you SPECIFY, BUY, or INSTALL.         
A wide range of natural disasters occurs within the US every year. Your choice of fittings to protect electrical conduit runs is essential to maintain power, data, & security connections during a crisis. Don’t get misled into using inferior lesser grade fittings in applications that are essential to your infrastructure. Not all electrical fittings will hold up to the movement and violent attacks during a natural occurrence.

Watch this Video & Learn More Electrical Fittings for Harsh Environments & the Risk of
Die Cast vs. Steel in Earthquake, Tornado and Hurricane Zones of the USA.

AMFICO’s EMT and Rigid conduit fittings are tested & approved to MIL-STD-810 Sinusoid Vibration Requirements. This makes our electrical fittings the superior choice for areas throughout the US where seismic and storm (tornado and hurrican) activities are of concern. Construction in these areas has very unique requirements, yet electrical and data/security cable runs are exposed to great risk and failure when using inferior die-cast and off-shore products. The most critical area of an electrical conduit run is the conduit fitting. Consider the hidden danger of thin wall, porous die cast fittings pose on conduit runs!

Wonder Why Die Cast Fittings Crack When the Screw is Torqued? Here’s Why (click on image to enlarge)

Malleable Iron vs Steel vs Die Cast

Todays’ longer conduit runs are sometimes 40′ with a single coupling carrying the entire “join and work” load.The “conduit runs” carry not only electrical service but also house low voltage and fiber optic cable carrying data, security and CTCV circuits.
Take a look at why Die Cast Products will create a hazard over steel construction.  Saving pennies may in effect create a great exposure to property, assets and life!
In fact, many states and government facilities not only require US Made Steel fittings, they have specific projects where earthquake and severe storms considerations are a must.



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You may also want to consider AMFICO EMT  and Rigid Conduit fittings as the IDEAL CHOICE where and when vibration is a concern. Since our electrical fittings are Steel, unlike thin wall die-cast fittings, they are NOT susceptible to cracking or torquing during forces and moments that regularly occur on hanging pipes. Also, when you use 20′ lengths of pipe our fittings will significantly provide greater integrity and strength for these long runs of pipe. Certified Made in the USA our EMT and Rigid Conduit Fittings are the best choice when your installation of electricals will be in an earthquake zone area.
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Since we can furnish Rain Tight and Concrete Tight Electrical Fittings, add our seismic testing, and AMFICO becomes the perfect INDUSTRIAL SPEC GRADE ELECTRICAL FITTING.
Contact us to learn the full details regarding EMT and Rigid Electrical Fittings that should be used in those areas of the country where environmental concerns are the greatest.




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