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New Jersey companies pushing ‘Made in USA’ movement reshoring US manufacturing . . .

By Meg Fry April 7, 2014 at 3:00 AM
Allan Fischbein CEO American Fittings
American Fittings Corporation, a third-generation electrical fittings business in Fair Lawn that has grown from three employees in 1946 to 115 employees today, welcomes the attention.

All electro-mechanical parts sold by American Fittings are manufactured and packaged in-house.

The company, which has experienced a 80 percent increase in sales growth over the last five years, is looking to double in size again. But Chief Executive Allen Fischbein laments the fact that Ameican Fittings is still losing contracts to companies that closed facilities in New Jersey and throughout the USA to move production offshore.

“Now those companies mask products with THEIR brand but off shore products.”
Major League Baseball imports hand-stitched balls from Costa Rica for America’s pastime.
Levi’s, the denim icon of American culture, are made on almost every other continent but North America.
And the steel used to construct our nation’s most symbolic building, the Freedom Tower, came from a mill in Luxembourg.
Even though 60 percent of Americans said they’d be willing to pay extra to buy American in a national survey conducted by Consumer Reports last year, the United States continues to import items that some feel could be produced just as cheaply and easily here.
The key, proponents say, is getting the word out about reshoring and enforcing Made in the USA contracts where they exist.
First, reshoring — or the idea of bringing manufacturing back to this country. Read Full Article→


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