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As you will see all products shown are made in the USA, steel construction, UL Listed, RoHS Compliant, and are fully manufactured /quality controlled by AMERICAN FITTINGS.

Cord Grip Kits   Go to →
TECK Steel Fitting  Go to →
2-1/2″ to 4″ Dual Rated Fittings for USE 1 Product on EITHER EMT or Rigid Conduit UL Listed and Approved Go  to →
Rigid Steel Conduit Enlargement Fitting  Go to →
AC MC Steel Connector  Go to →
SPEC flex Steel Connector for FMC Greenfield  Go to →
EMT Steel Color Coded Fittings  Go to →
AMFICO WT Steel Hub  Go to →
EMT to Rigid Steel Adapter Fitting  Go To→
Locknuts Steel HDI Series   Go to →
Uni-BRACE Wall Sleeve and Conduit Brace Go To →

Our products are manufactured from domestic alloy steel. They outperform and outclass die-cast and malleable iron (aka Pot Metal) fittings. Our steel fittings provide a faster and more secure installation and application. See the difference over die-cast or malleable iron (aka Pot Metal).

Physical Characterics

Malleable Iron vs Steel vs Die Cast

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Chemical Characteristics

Malleable Iron vs Steel vs Die Cast

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The manufacturing and assembly of AMFICO electrical fittings fully conform to the Buy American, Buy American Provisions, Trade Agreements Act and the American Recovery and Reinvestment (ARRA) and section 1605 of that act, Public Law 111-5. A requirement for all federally funded projects and many state and municipal jobs. Material Certs are furnished upon request.



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