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Liquid Tight Steel Fittings Made in the USA

Size Range: 3/8”- 5”

The product is designed for indoor or outdoor locations where continuous or intermittent moisture is present and positively bonds conduit to a box or enclosure. Together, the flexible metallic conduit and fittings protect conductors from damage due to excessive vibrations and contaminants, such as, moisture, oils and dust.

Steel fittings are available  in straight, 45°, and 90° configurations, with or without insulated throats.

  • Non-metallic Liquid Tight Connectors are also available.
  • Grounding type connectors with aluminum lugs to terminate bonding conductor run across Liquid Tight conduit are now stocked.
  • Female connectors with threaded hubs are acquirable for versatility.
  • All Liquid Tight fittings are completely reusable.
  • Liquid Tight Connectors are suitable for many industries and equipment; including machinery and tools,petroleum, food processing, chemical, waste water treatment, HVAC, aerospace, electric power, paint, automobile, paper mills, pumps, etc.
  • Meets UL and NEC requirements for use in wet and hazardous locations. 
  • Connector bodies and nuts are fabricated from the highest quality steel for industrial grade impact resistance.
  • Steel or aluminum ferrules facilitate sealing and grounding. Ferrules can be purchased separately.
  • Polyethylene Sealing Washers resist dampness and are available separately.
  • Liquid Tight Connectors are also available in zinc die cast.
  • Liquid Tight Combination Couplings are available for roof top HVAC. These couplings are utilized in connecting both thin wall and heavy wall conduit to liquidtight flexible metal conduit.
  • Liquid tight Flexible Metal MS Connectors with internal threads to accept AN-MS connector shells are presented in steel.

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